Your Natural Ability to Be Healthy

Think about it. You believe that health is your natural condition. You believe that you will digest new foods you have never before tasted. You believe that when you scrape a knee or cut a finger, it will heal, perhaps with a little scar. You trust that your heart will beat just right whether you are sleeping or running. In fact, we have to be talked out of our belief in our natural ability to be healthy.

Just for fun I “googled” the cause of health. What were the top 3 results? 1) What is the cause of heart disease? 2) What causes overweight and obesity? 3) CDC – Fact Sheet – Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking. Those were all links to federal government sources.

How can we call that healthcare, when the focus is on disease?

The first step in providing healthcare is to define health. I prefer Dorland’s Medical Dictionary definition: Optimal physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The key to health is the word optimal. What is optimal function of your heart? That would be beating exactly right. Not too fast. Not too slow. Not too hard. Not too weak. Exactly right. Think about that for a minute. While lying down asleep, your blood pressure can be at is lowest. Blood flows easily to your brain. Muscle activity is low. There isn’t much going on. Now sit up. Just because your head has been raised, your blood pressure must go up to keep your brain supplied with nutrient rich blood. Stand up and begin walking. Now the increased muscle activity also requires more oxygen and nutrients in the blood. Your heart must work harder to supply the muscles. Now run. You might be able to feel or hear your heart beating to keep up with the demand of the muscles for blood.

Now the questions – how much is just right? Who decides?

I believe that the universe was created by intelligence. I call it Universal Intelligence – UI. We are born with a bit of that intelligence – Innate Intelligence – II. It is the II of the individual that must decide how much blood flow is needed. It is the II of the individual that must decide how hard to breathe. It is the II of the individual that must determine when to shut down digestion and shunt all available blood to the muscles in an effort to run as hard as possible.

How does II make those decisions? It seems to use the brain and nervous system as the primary means of controlling the body. Explore that idea for a moment.

Most people have a general idea that the nervous system is important. Cut a man’s head off and he dies. The brain is important.

If I asked you to raise your hand and then asked you to explain how you did it, you would probably say that the process started in the brain – sent a message down nerves to your arm and caused the muscles to contract to raise your arm. From a scientific standpoint, you would be correct. However, I personally believe that you are more than your body. You are a part of a Universal Intelligence that created the universe. Your action starts from the intelligent part of you, Innate Intelligence, changes the brain, then the nerves into your arm.

What if something was wrong with your brain? What if your Innate Intelligence (II) could not make a change in the brain to start the process of raising your arm? You would be paralyzed. That is what happens to people who have had a stroke and become paralyzed.

What if something was wrong with the nerves going to your arms? What if the nerves were cut? The message would not get to the muscles to raise your arm and again paralysis would be the result.

You probably also realize that the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, are protected by bones. The bones of the skull protect the brain and the bones of the spine protect the spinal cord. I find that misalignment of the bones of the spine can affect the nerves and cause altered function of muscles. Misalignment can also affect the sensory nerves and cause pain.

Chiropractic vertebral subluxation (or just subluxation – for short) is the term I use when misalignment of bones of the spine is affecting the nervous system. Adjustment is the procedure of correcting the subluxation.

In addition to the nerves that give you pain and control your muscles, the autonomic nervous system controls how your body functions. The University of Washington has a great page on the process. Sometimes subluxation of the spine seems to affect the autonomic nervous system too. I believe that is why patients with digestive problems, heart problems, breathing difficulties, urinary problems sometimes heal after chiropractic adjustment.

In my office, I check your spine for vertebral subluxation. My goal is to make sure your nervous system is able to function properly so that your Innate Intelligence can maintain your health. My goal is for you to not need anything – to be reliant on yourself.