Affolter Chiropractic

Many people think all chiropractors practice the same. However, there are many differences. Some doctors have pain clinics. Some have rehabilitation clinics. Some doctors think they know more about the patient’s health than the patient’s in-born doctor.

That may be the difference. I believe you are self-healing. I believe that if I do less, you may heal more quickly and more effectively. So my mission is to use my education and skills to determine what is impeding your natural ability to be healthy. The goal is health restoration and maintenance NOT disease treatment and disease prevention.

Are You Really Self-Healing?

Think about it. If you cut a finger, you expect it to heal back to normal, perhaps with a little scar. That is natural and normal. That is the healthy response.

If you encounter bacteria, you expect to feel bad for a brief time, then your body naturally builds antibodies and soon the bacterial invader is overcome and health is restored. That is natural and normal. That is the healthy response.

What about nutrition? Do we all need to eat the same things? No. As example, some people are allergic to peanuts. Most of us are not. Some people need more of certain foods than others. The key is to pay attention to your body’s needs and get what you need.

If the Body Is Self-Healing and Works So Well,
Why Do You Get Sick?

Sometimes the body’s natural ability to be healthy is overcome by the stress of the environment. Stress can come from trauma (some sort of physical injury), toxins (some form of poison), or thoughts (usually emotional situations that lead to persistent thoughts). Any of those stresses can result in a condition of the spine I call subluxation.

Subluxation means a misalignment. The misalignment is important if it causes interference to your nervous system. You use your nervous system to control and coordinate all functions of your body. If the nervous system isn’t working properly, the result is loss of control.

Nerves and Pain

Pain is awareness. Pain is never where we think it is. For example, if I feel pain in my foot, the pain is actually in my mind, not my foot. Cut the nerve between my foot and my brain or block the signals with pain killers and the pain is gone. Once that is understood, pain that seems to be in the foot might actually be caused by injury to the foot, injury to the nerve coming from the foot, subluxation of the spine, or a problem in the brain. That is just one example.

Injuries should heal naturally and pain resolve without treatment. That would be the natural, normal and healthy response. However, if subluxation is affecting the nervous system, the healing process might not be natural or normal. The misalignment would need to be corrected (what I call an adjustment). Then the nervous system can heal and you regain control of your body. The injury can then heal.

Nerves and Movement

You control movement of your body using muscles. You send impulses from your brain down nerves to the muscles of your body. If the nerves aren’t working properly, weakness and/or in-coordination can result.

Some examples:

Loss of strength in the legs – can be due to subluxation affecting the nerves in the lower back that control the muscles of the legs.

Loss of strength in the hands or arms – can be due to subluxation affecting the nerves in the neck that control the muscles of the hands or arms.

Those are just two examples of many. However, research has shown that irritation of one area of the spine can affect many levels. So, we now know that lower back problems can be caused by irritation in the neck or mid-back. Our bodies are quite complex. A thorough examination is essential for health restoration.

Nerves and Organ Function

I just wrote about nerves and movement. Organs are also controlled by nerves. The part of the nervous system that controls the organs is called the autonomic nervous system.

The parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system leaves the brain just under the skull and leaves the spine at the sacrum. The sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system leaves the spine between the first thoracic vertebra (bone at the bottom of the neck) and the third lumbar vertebra (bone at about the waist).

Together the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system regulate blood flow, digestion, respiration, sexual function, kidney function, constriction of the pupil of the eye, tension of the ear drum, etc.

As you can see, in order to be healthy, all nerves must be working exactly as they were designed every instant of every day.

Affolter Chiropractic – Health Is Only Possible While Living Without Subluxation

Sure, other factors are necessary to keep your body at optimal function. However, nothing works optimally unless your nervous system is working optimally. My goal is to detect and correct subluxations (misaligned bones that are interfering with your nervous system) – thereby, allowing your inborn intelligence, what I call Innate Intelligence and consider to be the essence of You, to run your body optimally. That is the reason I do what I do.